It's a Dogs Life

The Adventures of Jake and George will have children wondering what these two frisky dogs will do next.  Jake is an energetic, attention-loving little terrier that is sometimes surly, while George the foxhound always looks on the bright side of things.

This collection of short stories follows these two lovable pooches as they wander through their daily adventures.

The first story has Jake adjusting to a new baby brother.  Seeing no reason for this addition to the family, Jake wonders why the new puppy can't just be returned and does everything he can to demonstrate his disapproval!

These two real-life dogs and the way they handle every day adventures will capture your heart and have children asking, "What would Jake and George Do?"



Author K. Marie Swift

Author K. Marie Swift grew up the youngest of five girls in Dearborn, Michigan.

An entrepreneur, she was inspired to write the Jake and George series after her father, also named George passed away in 2001.

The lessons taught by her father are the same lessons woven into her fable-like stories.